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Where Psychology Meets Business

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Behavior Business will cover topics ranging from Psychology to Business. A weekly guest will be interviewed on the show in-person (or on-air call if possible). The show will alternate every episode. If one week is a guest from the Psychological profession, then the last segment will be an article or topic on Business. If the next show has a guest from the Business world, then the last segment of the show will be an article or topic on Psychology.

The show will have a rock intro and a lively feel. It’s designed to be mostly informative but also entertaining. The host of the show (Dan Esterly) is a behavioral economist who is pursuing his Ph.D. in Community Engagement at PPU, is a current board member of the Glade Run Foundation, owns the consulting firm Public Waves, LLC, and is currently doing a doctoral internship in Investment Banking at Stone Pier Capital Advisors LP.

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