Altar Crawl

With DJ Dylly K

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Thursday 10:00 am 11:00 am

Get out of your pew.

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Dylan Kersten’s two biggest passions are the local music scene/DIY artists and knowing Jesus. A third passion is trying to bring love and joy to the people of Point Park to the best of his ability, and he saw a radio show as an opportunity to combine the three. Altar Crawl alternates with genuine, heartfelt indie-worship music and a showcasing of local/DIY music.

The theme is the central focus, so the styles will vary from lo-fi electronic to hardcore. A common thread between these two realms of music is the passion and search for something more underlying the sound and lyricism. This is music for people who want to hear art made for art’s sake and hear music truly relevant to the wide range of emotions of the human experience.
The world is dark, and music gives us a chance to have a momentary escape from reality so we can see what is most important when we go back. The deepest cry of our hearts is the surest compass to truth. At the Altar, these cries from all different places in the life journey are heard.

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