Playing now on WPPJ:

8-10 AM The Morning Show
3-4 PM Jessica Mendel, Laurie Shonberg, Megan Sullivan
6-7 PM Her Campus
7-9 PM PM Sports

8-10 AM The Morning Show
6-7 PM Lauren Konwick
8-10 PM Emily Bowen
10-11 PM Trever Sheets

8-10 AM The Morning Show
4-5 PM Alex Roll
7-8 PM Aubrey Henken
8-9 PM Timothy Zahrer
10 PM-12 AM Red Line

8-10 AM The Morning Show
5-6 PM Ty Polk
7-9 PM Joe Giel
9-10 PM Alex Kraemer

8-10 AM The Morning Show
2-4 PM Kyle Anthony
9-10 PM Shayna Medez

4-5 PM Jena Cormas
6-7 PM Lauren Crisan and Alex Grubbs

4-5 PM Christian Moore
7-8 PM Kristina Pacifico and Kayla Novak

Be sure to download the TuneIn app for all smartphones and tablets.



5 thoughts on “Schedule”

    1. You can download the TuneIn radio app for smartphones. Once the website is better-developed, there will be a listening client included. Otherwise, you can try a normal radio on 670AM, but it may be unsuccessful.

    1. We’re currently in the process of switching some office computers around so the shows are not recorded this week. Try back next week. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      -Sara Daversa, General Manager

  1. WPPJ is now in the net radio data base of What does that mean? Those who have stand alone net radios, like the Sangean WFR-20, that get theirs updates via can now listen to WPPJ under the genre “COLLEGE” formats. That opens up about 120,000 potential more listeners to WPPJ world-wide. Thought that ya’ll should know.
    Tha Dood

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