WPPJ – 670AM – is a college radio station based in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.   Be sure to check out pictures from our Acoustic Series on April 2nd!  And thank our DJ, Michelle Montana, for the awesome pictures!

One thought on “Welcome!”

  1. (Whelp, let’s try this again.) A friend of mine in Grentree told me about your station and thought that it was neat that you’re one of the few college stations that is still carrier-current AM operation. I did carrier-current since 1991, and from 1998 – 2004 ran AM600 24/7. Now I’m doing the Part #15 operation on AM with 100Mw and a 10ft antenna. That friend of mine is encouraging me to do carrier-current again, and now he’s testing up your way on AM690 carrier-current. So, do you stream 24/7, or when you have live programming? Good to see that you’re running Democracy Now up there, since I don’t think that anyone else is. keep it up!

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